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Consciously Creating ∞ Mind ∞ Body ∞ Soul

MIND - Quantum Energy Healing

BODY - Mucus-free & Alkaline living

SOUL - Plant-based medicines & Optimising cellular health

Together we transmute all limiting beliefs to achieve root cause healing! 


Hi, I'm Veruschka



The world of healing has come a long way from running to an MD/GP for healing at the root cause of disease.

This is my passion - I help you believe that you're able to heal yourself & teach you the tools that will get you thriving into the lie you've always known you deserve!


My life has been dedicated to learning, exploring & experiencing ancient forms of healing on and quantum science to fully uncover how our mind, body & soul are integrated in multidimensional ways.

Certified Quantum Energy Coaching Practitioner

Plant Health and Wellness consultant

My passion is to support your healing journey to the highest possible version of Self!

I draw from my years of practice, experience, teachings to effectively combine psychotherapy, kinesiology, breath work, cardio-coherence and other energy sciences to work with clients who seek any change on any level, specifically when they experience feeling stuck, diagnosis, and when emotions are impacting their life.

'Live as a lotus flower:

         trust in the light,

         grow through the dirt,

         believe in new beginnings'


2nd Floor, The Harrington, 50 Harrington St, Zonnebloem, Cape Town, 7925

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